Hat Creek Coalfield
NTS: 92I/13,12

Table of Reports

No. ReportsCD Cost
Coal Occurrences in the Hat Creek Area 1 
Coal Reports in the Hat Creek Area31$600.00
Hat Creek BC Hydro Reports56$560.00
Hat Creek More BC Hydro Reports58$580.00
Hat Creek Area Library Coal Reports82$820.00

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A major resource of lignite to sub­bituminous B coal exists in a graben, 26 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide, that occupies the Hat Creek Valley. The Tertiary rocks in the graben contain a coal member that is about 1200 metres thick, of which up to 550 metres is coal. This is one of the thickest accumulations of coal in the world.  Two potential mining areas have been outlined and designated as deposits 1 in the north and 2 in the south. Deposit 1 contains two coal seams. The upper is 120 to 250 metres thick and the lower, which is 450 to 550 metres thick, is divided into 3 parts. The deposit is faulted and seams are folded and moderately to steeply dipping. The area contains a resource of about 10 billion tonnes, of which approximately 500 million tones of proven reserve are within the Number 1 deposit. The area was considered for development in conjunction with the construction of a thermal power plant, but at the moment plans are shelved.

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