Assessment Report and Digital Data Submission

Please submit your Technical Exploration and Development report (PDF) in addition to any digital data files (spreadsheets, databases, maps, grids, etc.) used or created for work described in the technical assessment report. For more detail and examples on the types of data to submit, please visit the ARIS Submission Information page.

The British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS) makes this data available for download alongside PDF files through ARIS once the one year confidentiality period ends.


  1. Contents that are uploaded are only accessible using a specific URL but are not encrypted in transit or while stored: this service is not appropriate for sensitive information. Only use this service in situations where you might otherwise use email, as it provides a similar level of security to email.
  2. Anything uploaded may be subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  3. To send multiple files or directory structures, zip the files/directories before uploading.
  4. This service will not work for files larger than 2GB. If you need to submit more than 2GB of data for a report, please split your data into multiple .zip archives and upload them separately.
  5. Content uploaded can only be accessed by BC Government staff.
  6. Please ensure that the Statement of Work event number is included. We are unable to identify a report without this event number. If we cannot verify that a report has been received, the event may be cancelled which could cause the forfeiture of included claims.

Please address any questions to the ARIS team at: