Publication Summary
Issue ID: GF2007-10
Title: Terrace Geotour Guidebook
Author(s): Turner, B., Nelson, J.L., Weary, G., Walker, T., Hayward, B., McRae, C.
Purpose: To provide a source of local earth-science information in the hands of teachers, prospectors, students, visitors and interested residents.
Series Name: GeoFile
Publication Year: 2007
NTS Map Sheet(s): 103I
Place Keyword(s): British Columbia, Terrace, Nass Valley, Skeena River
Lat/Long (NSWE): 55, 54.1, -129.25, -127.7
Theme Keyword(s): GeoTours, geology, history, fossils, hot springs

The 15 stops described in this lively guidebook take the reader through the bedrock and glacial history of the Terrace area, natural hazards, recent events in geological history such as the 250 year old Nass basalt eruption and the joys of the deeply-sourced Lakelse hotsprings.