Publication Summary
Issue ID: GF2016-10
Title: Till geochemistry, mineralogy and textural data near four Cu porphyry deposits in British Columbia (also released as Geological Survey of Canada Open File 8038)
Author(s): Plouffe, A., Ferbey, T.
Series Name: GeoFile
Publication Year: 2016
Other Citation Details: Also released as Geological Survey of Canada Open File 8028
NTS Map Sheet(s): 092I,J,O,P; 093A,B,G,H
Place Keyword(s): British Columbia, Highland Valley Copper Mine, Gibraltar Mine, Mount Polley Mine, Woodjam Prospect
Lat/Long (NSWE): 54, 50, -124, -120
Theme Keyword(s): till sampling, buried porphyry mineralization, new mineral exploration methods, Cu-porphry
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GeoFile 2016-10 is a joint federal-provincial publication that outlines till sampling surveys completed in 2011, 2012 and 2013 near four Cu-porphyry mineralized zones in British Columbia: Highland Valley Copper Mine (Cu-Mo porphyry); Gibraltar Mine (Cu-Mo porphyry); Mount Polley Mine (Cu-Au porphyry), and the Woodjam prospect (Cu-Au-Mo porphyry). The goal of these till surveys is to develop new mineral exploration methods using till geochemistry and mineralogy to detect buried porphyry mineralization. Presented herein are the resulting geochemical, mineralogical and grain size (textural) data. Quality control and quality assurance measures demonstrate that analytical results are unaffected by analytical artefact or sampling and thus fit for geological interpretation.