Publication Summary
Issue ID: OF2002-14
Title: Sunshine Coast Aggregate Potential Mapping Project
Author(s): Bichler, A.J., Brooks, E.D., Bobrowsky, P.T.
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to describe the methods and progress of this project, provide a summary of the results to date, and to outline the anticipated data that will be released early in 2002.
Series Name: Open File
Publication Year: 2002
Scale: 1:50000
NTS Map Sheet(s): 092F, 092G, 092J, 092K
Place Keyword(s): British Columbia, Southwestern British Columbia, Sunshine Coast, Sechelt, Powell River
Lat/Long (NSWE): 50.5802, 49.375, -125.3098, -123.2725
Theme Keyword(s): Aggregate Potential, Sand, Gravel, Inventory, Resources
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The desirable outcome of the project is a regional, reconnaissance style survey that will act as a first approximation of aggregate resources within the region. The project will outline exploited and known aggregate resources as well as potential new deposits, in a qualitative manner using distinct landforms.