Publication Summary
Issue ID: OF2009-04
Title: Till Geochemical Exploration Targets, Babine Porphyry Copper Belt, Central British Columbia
Author(s): Ferbey, T., Levson, V.M., Lett, R.E.
Series Name: Open File
Publication Year: 2009
Other Citation Details: Geoscience BC Report 2009-10
NTS Map Sheet(s): 093L/09,16; 093M/01,02,07,08
Place Keyword(s): British Columbia, Central, Babine
Lat/Long (NSWE): 55.5, 54.5, -127, -126
Theme Keyword(s): till geochem, Babine porphyry copper belt, aqua regia digestion, ICP-MS, NATMAP
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The clay-sized fraction of 533 archived basal till samples collected within the Babine porphyry copper belt was analyzed for 37 elements by aqua regia digestion followed by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). The spatial distribution of samples elevated in Ag, As, Cu, Hg, Mo, Pb, and Zn are the focus of this study. Data presented here confirm and further constrain previously identified till geochemical exploration targets within the Babine porphyry copper belt. These data also outline two new multi-element, multi-site till geochemical exploration targets.