Publication Summary
Issue ID: P2015-03-04
Title: Indium, germanium and gallium in volcanic- and sediment-hosted base-metal sulphide deposits
Author(s): Paradis, S.
Series Name: Paper
Publication Year: 2015
Larger Work Citation: in BCGS Open File 2015-03
NTS Map Sheet(s): 082;083;092;093;094;102;103;104;114
Place Keyword(s): British Columbia
Lat/Long (NSWE): 60, 48, -139, -114
Theme Keyword(s): indium, germanium, gallium, SEDEX, Mississippi Valley-type
Indium (In), germanium (Ge), and gallium (Ga) have unique chemical and physical properties. This makes them critical for a wide variety of high technology, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and chemical industries. This extended abstract consists of three parts. The ?rst part covers In, Ge, and Ga in terms of their physical and chemical properties, ore mineralogy and uses. The second part summarizes available information on global reserves and resources and production. The third part introduces major deposit-types from which In, Ge, and Ga are recovered, focusing on volcanic-hosted massive sulphide (VHMS) and sediment-hosted massive sulphide (SHMS) deposits. For the purpose of this paper, SHMS deposits include syngenetic or early diagenetic sedimentary exhalative (SEDEX), Mississippi Valley-type (MVT), and Kipushi-type deposits.