Publication Summary
Issue ID: GBCR2006-01-20
Title: Preliminary Results of the Cordilleran Geochemistry Project: A Comparative Assessment of Soil Geochemical Methods for Detecting Buried Mineral Deposits, 3Ts Au-Ag Prospect (NTS 93F/3), Central B.C.
Author(s): Cook, S.J., Dunn, C.E.
Series Name: Geoscience BC Report
Publication Year: 2006
Other Citation Details: Geoscience BC Report 2006-1
Larger Work Citation: in Geological Fieldwork 2005, Geoscience BC Report 2006-01, pages 237 to 258
NTS Map Sheet(s): 093F/3
Place Keyword(s): British Columbia, Nechako Plateau
Lat/Long (NSWE): 53.25, 53, -125.25, -124.75
Theme Keyword(s): Geoscience BC Fieldwork, exploration, geochemistry, till, soil
Effective mineral exploration in the Nechako Plateau and adjoining regions of central British Columbia has for many years been hindered by thick forest cover, an extensive blanket of till and other glacial deposits and, locally, widespread Tertiary basalt cover. Where undertaken, regional till and lake sediment geochemical surveys have been effective as reconnaissance exploration techniques. However, few publicly available studies have been conducted here into the use of surficial geochemistry to aid in prioritizing regional geochemical anomalies, or in carrying out the most effective geochemical surveys at a property scale in areas of exotic cover. In this respect, BC has lagged far behind other provincial and international jurisdictions in undertaking applied geochemical exploration research. In response to a call from Geoscience BC for geoscience projects to promote resource investment in BC, this project investigates the geochemical response, in soil and Quaternary materials, of a Au-Ag epithermal prospect (3Ts prospect) in central BC. This region is highly prospective for the discovery of epithermal Au deposits, among other mineral deposit types, and the low-sulphidation 3Ts prospect is one of the more significant examples of this type in the region. The objective of the project is to determine and recommend the most effective field and laboratory geochemical methods for property-scale evaluation of buried mineral targets in drift-covered terrain, by 1) evaluating the most suitable soil media and horizons for field sampling, and 2) evaluating and comparing commercially available analytical methods.