Publication Summary
Issue ID: GBCR2007-01-26
Title: Toward an Integrated Model for Alkalic Porphyry Copper Deposits in British Columbia
Author(s): Chamberlain, C.M., Jackson, M., Jago, C.P., Pass, H.E., Simpson, K.A., Cooke, D.R., Tosdal, R.M.
Series Name: Geoscience BC Report
Publication Year: 2007
Other Citation Details: Geoscience BC Report 2007-1
Larger Work Citation: in Geological Fieldwork 2006, Geoscience BC Report 2007-01, pages 259-274
Scale: 1:16000000
NTS Map Sheet(s): 093A, N; 104G
Place Keyword(s): British Columbia, Mount Polley, Mount Milligan, Galore Creek
Lat/Long (NSWE): 58, 52, -132, -120
Theme Keyword(s): Geoscience BC Fieldwork, alkalic, porphyry, epithermal, hydrothermal alteration
This paper reports the early stages of the collaborative research on the alkalic porphyry deposits in BC.