Publication Summary
Issue ID: GBCR2007-01-35
Title: Structural Overprinting in the Northwestern Skeena Fold Belt, Northwestern B.C.
Author(s): Loogman, W., Gagnon, J-F., Waldron, J.W.F., Evenchick, C.A.
Purpose: It is the aim of this study to evaluate overprinted structures and their timing relationships.
Series Name: Geoscience BC Report
Publication Year: 2007
Other Citation Details: Geoscience BC Report 2007-1
Larger Work Citation: in Geological Fieldwork 2006, Geoscience BC Report 2007-01, pages 325-332
Scale: 1:2000000
NTS Map Sheet(s): 104B, 104H
Place Keyword(s): British Columbia, Bowser Basin, northwestern
Lat/Long (NSWE): 58, 56.5, -130.5, -128.5
Theme Keyword(s): Geoscience BC Fieldwork, overprinting, structural, Skeena Fold Belt
Two regional fold trends are present within the Skeena Fold Belt: north west-trending folds are dominant in the eastern two-thirds of the fold belt, and north east-trending folds are present in the western third. Locally, these fold trends are found outside their dominant domains and over print each other.