Publication Summary
Issue ID: GBCR2007-01-38
Title: Geology and Mineral Potential Update for the Muchalat-Hesquiat Region, Vancouver Island
Author(s): Marshall, D., Street, E., Ullrich, T., Xue, G., Close, S., Fecova, K.
Series Name: Geoscience BC Report
Publication Year: 2007
Other Citation Details: Geoscience BC Report 2007-1
Larger Work Citation: in Geological Fieldwork 2006, Geoscience BC Report 2007-01, pages 355-360
Scale: 1:400000
NTS Map Sheet(s): 092E, 092F, 092K, 092I
Place Keyword(s): British Columbia, Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island
Lat/Long (NSWE): 49.95, 49.3, -126.72, -126.05
Theme Keyword(s): Geoscience BC Fieldwork, layered ultramafic rocks, porphyry, mineral exploration, Jurassic Island Intrusive suite
This report provides an updated geological map and details on the mineralogy and chemistry of two specific rock units within the area and their mineral potential: copper porphyry potential within the Jurassic Island intrusive suite (JI) and platinum group metals (PGM) potential within a newly discovered magnetite-rich layer within the lower Jurassic, layered ultramafic phase (lJum) of the JI.