Publication Summary
Issue ID: P2011-01-14
Title: Carbonate-Hosted, Nonsulphide Zn-Pb (supergene) Mineral Deposit Profile B09
Author(s): Paradis, S., Simandl, G.J.
Series Name: Paper
Publication Year: 2011
Larger Work Citation: in Geological Fieldwork 2010, B.C. Ministry of Forest, Mines and Lands, Paper 2011-01
NTS Map Sheet(s): 082;083;092;093;094;102;103;104;114
Place Keyword(s): British Columbia
Lat/Long (NSWE): 60, 48, -140, -114
Theme Keyword(s): Geological Fieldwork, mineral deposit profile, carbonate-hosted, nonsulphide Zn-Pb
The British Columbia Geological Survey has published descriptions of many of the mineral deposit types that can be found in the Cordillera. The descriptions (called profiles) provide concise overviews of different deposit types. Economic geologists, prospectors, resource evaluation professionals and students can use the profiles to review the key characteristics of different deposit types including typical examples, tectonic setting, mineralogy, alteration, genetic models, associated deposits, typical grades and tonnages and exploration guides. Over 100 profiles for metal, coal deposits and industrial minerals are available online.