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Update July 2019: MapPlace 1 has limited functionality or may not work. This service is being retired. The platform has not been supported by MapGuide since 2004, therefore due to compatibility issues with current servers this service is being retired in the near future. MapPlace 2 is available here.
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No. Available Maps General Description More Details
0MapPlace 2 betaThe new MapPlace 2 is easier to use and has much improved functionality and performance. It can be used on either a Mac or a PC, does not require plug-ins, and works in most web browsers. MapPlace 2 differs from many other web services because it allows visualizing and querying province-wide geoscience data at exceptional speed and provides advanced applications to search, analyze, report and download these data.More Details
1BCGS GEOSCIENCE MAPThe BCGS Geoscience Map has all the available provincial datasets including 1:20K TRIM, visible at 1:50K. The map also has DEM Hillshade, LandSat and Aeromag. Geology Maps and Crown Grant rasters are downloadable from this map. New geology layers and reports are displayed by age and rock type.  BC Age 2004 (release 3, October 2004).More Details
2EXPLORATION ASSISTANTThis map features 8 Analysis Tools to display information based on query selections. The Exploration Assistant tools are also found in the Task List searches on MapPlace 2 beta. Use the General Search to locate Place Names, Latitude - Longitude Coordinates, and Mapsheets. Other Tools or Tasks search on ARIS, MINFILE, COALFILE, Mineral Titles, Mineral Potential, Bedrock Geology, and Publication attributes. Additional search requests can be sent to the MapPlace team. The Image Analysis Toolbox provides access to ASTER and other imagery.More Details
3MINERAL TITLESLegacy MiDA Mineral, Placer and Coal tenures (before January 12, 2005) and Mineral and Placer Mineral Titles Online (MTO) tenures (after January 12, 2005) are displayed on this map. Crown granted two post claims are available in raster format for downloading or viewing. A Mineral Titles Archive layers for titles from 2001 to 2014 are available. Mineral Titles maps are available in PDF format.More Details
4MapperWrapperProvides the ability to create layers and add map objects, such as lines, polygons, symbols, text and custom grids, to existing MapPlace basemaps. This added information resides only on the client computer and is never transmitted over the Internet. A continuous Internet connection is required to obtain the basemap information such as topographic contours and imagery, as well as, being able to obtain reports from the MapPlace server.More Details
5MapPlace Lite WMS ViewerThe MapPlace Lite WMS Viewer with Web Map Service is no longer available (June 2015).More Details
6GENERALThis map displays base map features, with minimal geoscience data.More Details
7MINERAL PROPERTIES AVAILABLEIn partnership with the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME BC), the Ministry of Energy and Mines developed a mineral properties for sale/option map within British Columbia. Prospectors and mining exploration companies from 2004 to 2006. The last update of the map was posted January 13, 2006.More Details
8MINERAL ECONOMY MAPThis map display locations of mining, coal, industrial mineral, aggregates, exploration projects, EAO projects, and refining and smelting operations.More Details
9PETROLEUM TENURE & WELLSDisplays northeastern BC Petroleum and Natural Gas well locations, tenure, PNG grid, oil & gas fields, and major pipelines. Tools allow searches for tenure owner, tenure number, range of tenure numbers or BC Gazetteer locations. Includes Bowser Basin Geology.More Details
10OFFSHORE MAP GALLERYAllows users free access to combine geospatial data layers for the offshore, including geology, tenure, coastal communities, fisheries data, and earthquakes into a custom, printable map.More Details
11COAL MAPFeatures Coal Geology layers, databases from COALFILE, and links to Coal Reports and maps in PDF format. The Coal Geology layers consist of main Coalfields in BC and details of the Hat Creek coal area.More Details
12HAT CREEKDisplays the location, geology, cross sections, and coal exploration wells of the Hat Creek Coalfield (Petroleum Open File 2003-2).More Details
13GEOPHYSICS MAPArchived airborne geophysical surveys are in the process of being published to the web. Links to related publications for recent and archived surveys are posted in this table. They include: 2003-2004 Geophysical Surveys: Mount Sylvester, Fran Property, Tisdall Lake and Toodoggone; 7 archived surveys: Mount Milligan, Inzana-Salmon Lakes, Fish Lake, Endako, Clisbako River, Iron Mask, and Interior Plateau (Williams Lake); 10 surveys in 2004-2005 resulted are shown on the 2005 Geophysical Surveys Map.More Details
14MOUNT MILLIGAN GEOPHYSICSMount Milligan Geophysics features four airborne geophysical surveys: 1991 Mount Milligan survey and 1995 Inzana-Salmon Lake survey represented in Open File 2005-9; 2004 Mount Sylvester Area survey represented in Open File 2005-14; 2004 Fran Propery Area survey represented in Open File 2005-15.More Details
15QUESNEL GEOPHYSICSQuesnel Trough Geophysics covers four geophysical surveys: 1993 Quesnel and 2003 Horsefly surveys are represented in Open File 2004-9; 2003 Imperial Metals Corp. Mount Polley survey is represented in Open File 2004-10; 2004 Tisdall survey is Open File 2005-16.More Details
16TOODOGGONE GEOPHYSICSThe Toodoggone map features new multisensor geophysical surveys, including 2 magnetic and 8 radiometric parameters. The survey is represented as Open File 2004-8.More Details
172005 GEOPHYSICAL SURVEYSThe Geological Survey of Canada released multisensor (gamma ray spectrometric and magnetic) airborne geophysical information for 10 areas of central British Columbia: Indata Lake, Sylvester Creek, Wittichica Creek , Taltapin Lake, Cottonwood, Wells, Hydraulic, Lac La Hache, Eagle (Murphy) Lake, and McKinley Creek. These surveys are shown on the 2005 Geophysics Surveys map.More Details
18QUEST AIRBORNE GRAVITYThis map displays a high-definition airborne gravity survey of the QUEST project area for Geoscience BC (GBC) from December 2007 to March 2008. The survey was flown using SGLís airborne gravity system designated AIRGrav (Airborne Inertially Referenced Gravimeter)More Details
19QUEST-WEST AIRBORNE GRAVITYThis map displays a high-definition airborne gravity survey of the QUEST-West project area for Geoscience BC (GBC) from May to July 2008. The survey was flown using Sander Geophysics Limitedís airborne gravity system designated AIRGrav (Airborne Inertially Referenced Gravimeter). The survey covered an area of over 40,000 square kilometres, and includes the communities of Vanderhoof, Fraser Lake, Burns Lake, Topley, Granisle, Houston, Telkwa, Smithers and Kitimat.More Details
20QUEST-SOUTH AIRBORNE GRAVITYThis map displays a high-definition airborne gravity survey of the QUEST-South project area for Geoscience BC (GBC) from September to November 2009. The survey was flown using SGLís airborne gravity system designated AIRGrav (Airborne Inertially Referenced Gravimeter).More Details
21BONAPARTE GEOPHYSICSA compilation of seventeen multisensor airborne geophysical surveys flown in 2006 in the Bonaparte Lake area of South-central BC (NTS92P & 93A).More Details
22JENNINGS RIVER GEOPHYSICSJennings River high-resolution aeromagnetic survey (NTS 104O) was completed in 2006. Funding for the survey was provided by Geoscience BC and project management was by the Geological Survey of Canada. This map, in UTM Zone 9 projection, features 2 magnetic parameters, residual total magnetic field and first vertical derivative of the magnetic field.More Details
23ATLIN GEOPHYSICSResults of a multisensor airborne geophysical survey flown in 2001 in the Atlin area of Northwestern BC (NTS 104N).More Details
24ENDAKO GEOPHYSICSEndako Geophysics features the 1997 geophysical survey represented in Open File 2005-11.More Details
25FINDLAY RIVERThe Findlay River map features an airborne geophysical survey conducted in 1997. The map residual magnetic intensity. The files are also available for download in georeferenced PNG format.More Details
26SEBC GEOPHYSICSDisplays three geophysical layers, Kootmag, Magnetics and Thorium ratios, from the GSC Pacific Geoscience Centre. A sample detailed orthophoto (1 metre pixels) is available for area 082F.099 at 1:35,000 scale.More Details
27INTERIOR PLATEAU AEROMAGNETICSGeophysical data from the Interior Plateau Geoscience Project - 1995 aeromagnetic survey data.More Details
28CRANBROOKThe Cranbrook map features an airborne geophysical survey, which includes 2 magnetic and 8 radiometric parameters. The files are also available for download in georeferenced PNG format.More Details
29WOLF-CAPOOSEThe Wolf-Capoose Lake map features multisensor, airborne geophysical surveys, which includes 1 magnetic and 8 radiometric parameters. The files are also available for download in PNG georeferenced format. This 1997 survey is included with the Interior Plateau geophysics map.More Details
30CASSIARThe Cassiar map features an airborne geophysical survey, which includes 2 magnetic and 8 radiometric parameters. The files are also available for download in georeferenced PNG format.More Details
31FISH LAKE GEOPHYSICSFish Lake Geophysics features the 1995 geophysical survey represented in Open File 2005-10.More Details
32IRON MASK GEOPHYSICSIron Mask Geophysics features the 1995 geophysical survey represented in Open File 2005-13.More Details
33CLISBAKO RIVER GEOPHYSICSClisbako River Geophysics features the 1994 geophysical survey represented in Open File 2005-12.More Details
34REGIONAL GEOPHYSICSDisplays provincial scale Gravity, Aeromagnetics, Satellite and DEM images from the CordLink server in Vancouver.More Details
35RELIEF AND RADAR MAPThis map, in geographic projection, includes a colour shaded relief map and a radar mosaic for the southern portion of the province. Colour relief, radar mosaic and DEM are available for Vancouver Island.More Details
36BC GEOLOGY MAP INDEXDisplays BCGS Geology Map Index, MINFILE coverage, Regional Geochemical Survey coverage and Surficial Mapping coverage. This map is also available with Search Publications tools.More Details
37GSC & GSB GEOLOGY MAP INDEXESDisplays for Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) and B.C. Geological Survey (GSB) map indexes on a map of the World, zoomed into Canada.More Details
38SURFICIAL GEOLOGY MAP INDEXThis map is the digital equivalent of GSB Open File 1992-13 Surficial Geology Map Index of British Columbia by P.T. Bobrowsky, T.Giles and W. Jackaman.More Details
39AGGREGATE POTENTIAL MAPPINGMap displays the results of seven aggregate potential studies: Prince George, Okanagan, Nanaimo, Sea-to-Sky, Sunshine Coast, North Coast, and Northeast BC. Digital Data Downloads are available for these studies.More Details
40DIGITAL TERRAIN MAP LIBRARYThe Introductory Map acts as a graphical index to the Digital Terrain Map Library, which provides terrain and slope stability related maps in digital format, interactive viewing and raster downloads.More Details
41HAZARDS MAPMap of hazards data for British Columbia including relative earthquake hazards and quaternary geology of Greater Victoria and historical earthquake data.More Details
42TERRACE GEOLOGYThis map shows the geology and mineral deposits of the Terrace area of West Central British Columbia. This map was produced by a partnership between the BC Geological Survey and the Terrace Economic Development Authority. Also include KML/KMZ files for use in Google Earth.More Details
43NECHAKO NATMAPThis map shows the geology and mineral deposits of Central British Columbia. This map was produced by the NATMAP Project in conjunction with the Geological Survey of Canada. Other components include GIS files for download.More Details
44SKEENA ARCHGeology and metallogeny of the Skeena Arch area, West Central B.C. (NTS 093E, 093L, 093M, and parts of 094D, 103I, P). This map, funded by Geoscience BC, is one of the components of Geofile 2007-3. Other components include GIS files for download.More Details
45BELT-PURCELLGeology and metallogeny of the Belt-Purcell Basin, Southeast B.C. (NTS 082F, 082G, 082J, 082K). This map was on contract to Natural Resources Canada as part of a Targeted Geoscience Initiatives (TGI) program.More Details
46JENNINGS RIVERGeology of North-Central Jennings River Map Area (NTS 104O14E, 15) from Open File 2001-6 by J. Nelson, T. Harms, C. Roots, M. Mihalynuk and M. de Keijze.More Details
47BARKERVILLE AREAThe Barkerville area (NTS 093A, H and adjacent maps) map features geology layers of the Barkerville Cariboo and Kootenay terranes.More Details
48GUICHON BATHOLITHMapping performed by W. J. McMillan, J. D. Blanch-Flower, P. McAndless, D. Coombes, P. Garvin; 1969-1974. Linework digitally captured by Cominco Ltd.More Details
49VERNON AREADisplays Geology Unit, Lines, Structures, Mapping Stations, and Ages in the Vernon Area (NTS 082L03, 06, 11, 13, 14).More Details
50LILLOOET LRMP AREAIncludes a shaded relief image (DEM layer) and a magnetics map combined with shaded relief map (Magtopo layer). NTS 092J, 092O(S), 092I(W).More Details
51VANCOUVER ISLAND LRMPThis map displays the Land Resource Management Plan for Vancouver Island.More Details
52MACKENZIE LRMPThis map displays the Land Resource Management Plan for Mackenzie.More Details
53ATLIN-TAKU MINERAL POTENTIALThis interactive map displays results from a Level 2 Mineral Resource Assessment of the Atlin-Taku Land Planning area which encompasses approximately 4 million hectares in northwest BC (GeoFile 2009-5).More Details
54ARIS MapBuilderThe MapPlace can help fulfill Assessment Report requirements. Enter property name and all associated Tenure ID Numbers (separated by commas) in the form and submit to produce location and claim maps of the property.More Details
55UTM ZONE 7Provincial Map in UTM Zone 7 projection.More Details
56UTM ZONE 8Provincial Map in UTM Zone 8 projection.More Details
57UTM ZONE 9Provincial Map in UTM Zone 9 projection.More Details
58UTM ZONE 10Provincial Map in UTM Zone 10 projection.More Details
59UTM ZONE 11Provincial Map in UTM Zone 11 projection.More Details
60MINFILE MAPSThis map is connected to the location link in the results from MINFILE/www Searches with MINFMAP, with MINFILE, 1:250 water and geology layers defaulted on. This change is also reflected in MapPlace links from MINFILE NTS Summary pages.More Details
61IMAGE ANALYSIS TOOLBOXJune 2015: The Analyze Image function in the IAT has been discontinued in the Exploration Assistant. The ASTER and other images are still available for viewing in MapPlace and for download. The Image Analysis Toolbox (IAT) was delivered by Cal Data Ltd. As a BC and Yukon Chamber of Minesí Rocks to Riches project January 2004 and January 2005. The IAT was enhanced and ASTER images added through funding from Geoscience BC (ASTER Imagery Project) in June 2005. The IAT is a framework to add, process and display a variety of multi and hyperspectral imagery. The IAT includes Enhanced Satellite Imagery delivered by McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. To use the IAT, open the Exploration Assistant and select the Image Analysis Toolbox, an image, then Analyze Image.More Details
62PUBLICATIONS SEARCH APPLICATIONThe Publications Search Application is part of the Exploration Assistant. The search form allows users to search on the Geological Survey Branch publications, by Author, Title, Keyword, Abstract, Year, Scale, Series, Publication ID, Map Extent and All Fields. Results can be displayed on the map, or as in a table in a new window. An abstract report is also available with the select and report tools.More Details
63MapBuilderThe MapBuilder allows simple annotation of maps. Users can add symbols, polylines, polygons, text. The maps can be saved.More Details
64MapPlace2GoThe MapPlace2Go Map is designed for simple use. Themes include Mining, Exploration Projects, Tenure, First Nations and Environmental Assessment Projects.More Details
65HISTORICAL MINES ATLASThis interactive map presents this information through a variety of data layers and displays over 1100 past producing mines. The Atlas is based on a 142-page report of 1887 historic mines in BC (Open File 2003-3).More Details
66MINERAL TITLE CLARIFICATIONThe Mineral Title Clarification map was a pilot study, discontinued in 2007, to show details of Crown grants issued before 1960 in the Atlin Stikine, and Cariboo areas. Most of these details are now linked through the Survey Parcel layers and reports in the BC Geoscience, Exploration Assistant and Mineral Titles maps. These maps also feature a Zoom Goto Survey Parcel PIN. This map was retired in June 2017.More Details
67COLOUR PALETTEThe colour palette map has been retired from MapPlace.More Details
68CGKN DATA CATALOGUEThe CGKN Data Catalogue (May 12, 2004 to 2015) has been discontinued. The BC Geological Survey continues to maintain this cataloge as the BCGS Publication Catalogue.More Details
69QUEST-NORTHWEST GEOPHYSICSThis map displays airborne magnetic surveys of the QUEST-Northwest project areas for Geoscience BC (GBC) from 2011 to 2012. The survey covers over 44,000 line-km in 3 blocks in the Dease Lake, Iskut and Telegraph Creek areas. Aeroquest Airborne conducted a helicopter-borne magnetic survey on Block 1; and Geo Data Solutions GDS Inc. conducted helicopter-borne magnetic surveys on Blocks 2 and 3 of the QUEST-Northwest project area.More Details
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