Hat Creek Coal Assessment Reports
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Report No. Year Area NTS Maps Latitude Longitude Total Pages Web Size (KB) PDF Files
1181925HAT CR092I13 50.6-121.689450118.pdf
1191925HAT CR092I13 50.7-121.6417440119.pdf
1201951HAT CR092I13 50.776-121.6054228990120.pdf
1211957HAT CR092I13 50.767-121.6018254270121.pdf
1221959HAT CR092I13 50.772-121.604missing.pdf
1231974HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.665-121.5862312660123.pdf
1241974HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.58-121.612721660124.pdf
1251974HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.6-121.629149820125.pdf
1261974HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.62-121.635618524/10880126_Logs.pdf 0126_Borehole.pdf
1271975HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.674-121.5812211310127.pdf
1281975HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.64-121.612514040128.pdf
1291975HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.66-121.624011620129.pdf
1301975HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.67-121.61353212/35480130.pdf 0130_Appdx.pdf
1311975HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.6-121.67666080131.pdf
1341975HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.585-121.64922890134.pdf
1351975HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.565-121.6111/11110681/45200135.pdf 0135_Logs.pdf
1361975HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.575-121.693460136.pdf
1371976HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.764-121.613250/250248700137.pdf
1381976HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.54-121.67032350138.pdf
1391978HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.77-121.596313/313250900139.pdf
1401978HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.62-121.6191/1911241/108070140.pdf 0140_Logs.pdf
1411979HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.66-121.639/3995470141.pdf
1421979HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.67-121.6244/244169360142.pdf
1431980HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.683-121.571818750143.pdf
1441981HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.68-121.61513360144.pdf
1451982HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.69-121.686722144/71940145a.pdf 0145b.pdf
1461983HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.7-121.615541280146.pdf
8051979HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.6-121.663410660805.pdf
8091982HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.805-121.58255380809.pdf
8121977HAT CR092P14 50.763-121.628070020812.pdf
8131981HAT CR092P14 50.76-121.69430130813.pdf
8771999HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.6-121.6132010877.pdf
8821984HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.6-121.6hatcreekbchydro.htm
8841981HAT CR092I12 092I13 50.6-121.6hatcreek-bchydro.htm

Total Reports: 34

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BC Geological Survey
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